7+ ombre nail designs that are as daring as they are gorgeous

The ombre style trend started with hair. It now trends across all makeup and accessories. Ombre nails are particularly on trend and come in every color; they're also surprisingly easy to accomplish.
The great thing about ombre nails is that you can make them as subtle or as bold as you desire. They can be sophisticated enough to go to work or funky enough to catch every eye in a crowded room. Get inspired by the options below.
Purple ombre
These nails go from light lavender on the right of the nail to bright purple on the left. The ombre repeats from nail to nail for attractive hands in the color of royalty. Get the tutorial here.
Glitter ombre
Adding glitter to your nails is a great way to get a bold ombre effect. These light turquoise nails are already beautiful. The glitter on top adds more nuance to the effect. Glitter just the bottom half of each nail or add one nail that's completely covered for a surprising detail. This is the perfect choice for a playful look.
Steel grey ombre
The ombre effect can be achieved by working right to left or working bottom to top. This design uses the latter, starting with glittering steely grey near the nail bed. As each long nail reaches its peak, the tips shine with light gun metal grey. If you want a powerful look, this steel grey ombre is the one to choose.
Black and gold glitter ombre
Previously, we saw that glitter near the nail bed can create a cute ombre effect. However, you can put the glitter at the nail tips as well. This gold glitter adds both sophistication and fun to classic black polish. Get the tutorial here.
Green ombre
When you think of green ombre nails, you probably think of nails painted in two or three different shades of green. However, these nails show you how to incorporate yellow, blue and other hues for a pastel effect. Get the tutorial here.
Pink ombre with glitter accent
Pink nails are flirty and fun. They make you feel happy, confident and playful. Add glitter and you have even more energy in the design. Get the tutorial here.
White and nude ombre
This is the kind of ombre that screams sophistication. The white ends atop the nude paint hint at French tips. These nails go with any outfit, and they can definitely go to work with you. Get the tutorial here.

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