Discover five braided bun hairstyles for busy days

Life can be hectic, everyone has days when getting out the door can be a challenge, and quick hairstyle can make all the difference. Braided styles always look fashionable and make a great choice on busy mornings, but many of them are just too complicated. These five styles are exactly what you need if you've overslept or just want to look pulled together without looking fussy.
Almost all of these cute looks combine a three-strand braid into the finished style, which gives them a touch of flair without requiring a lot of time. All you'll need is a hair brush, hair spray, a few hair elastics, and a couple of bobby pins. If you have a few extra minutes, grab a flat iron and curl a few loose wispy sections of hair near your face for a soft, romantic look.
High bun with a wrapped braid
Running short on time? Manic mornings call for quick hair styles, especially for second-day hair. This pretty look takes less than five minutes. Combine a simple three-strand braid with a high bun, and you'll be pulled together in no time. Get the tutorial here.
Scrunchie buns
Admit it. You own at least one scrunchie. Stop hiding your love of all things 80s and create two buns using those hair-friendly fabric elastics. You'll be out the door in seconds and ready for a fun-filled day. Get the tutorial here.
French braid mohawk high bun
Long-haired beauties know that creating a full-length French braid is hard on the arms. It also takes time. Skip the strain and rock a French braid mohawk with a high bun instead. Get the tutorial here.
Wispy low bun
Want to look pulled together but not too fussy? Create a simple three-strand braid, then pull all your hair back into a low bun at the nape of your neck. With a few face framing wisps hanging free, you'll look as pretty as a picture. Get the tutorial here.
Braided space buns
If you hit the snooze alarm a few too many times, channel the 90s and create these cute space buns. Two standard braided pigtails get a trendy makeover in this adorable style. Just braid, wrap into shape, and secure for a quick and playful look. Get the tutorial here.
With these cute styles, you'll look great even when you're running late.
Stay pretty!

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