7+ nail designs that prove matte nails are everything

Have you heard? Matte manicures are here to stay. Ever since the trend debuted circa 2009, experts and amateurs have been finding innovative ways to turn matte finishes into ornamental designs. Now it’s your turn to join the matte nail design squad. Here’s your official guide to matte nails; just find a design or two below that best suits your personal style, and paint your heart out.
Follow this quick tip for cutting your drying time in half: After you finish applying matte nail polish, dip your fingers into a bowl filled with ice-cold water for about three minutes. When you remove your fingers from the bowl, you may notice water droplets on the surface of your nails. This signals that your polish has firmed up and is completely dry.
Matte metallic nails
This style incorporates an edgier look. What’s more, because you can place the metallic splatter designs anywhere on your nails, the pressure to be perfect is essentially null and void. Have fun, and feel free to improvise. Get the full tutorial here.
Fierce League
Matte black polish with a jeweled accent nail
Move over glossy lacquer finishes: Everyone will want to copy this nearly blackout matte nail design this Halloween. What’s more, this look is super easy to re-create. Start with a matte black base nail polish. Once nails are dried, simply pick an accent nail – a ring finger is an ideal choice. Apply a few rhinestones onto your accent nail to top off the look.
Matte cranberry polish with a marble accent nail
To continue with the accent nail theme, give this matte cranberry look a try – which happens to coincide with another upcoming holiday: Thanksgiving. Apply matte cranberry nail polish onto every nail, except the one on your ring finger. To create a realistic marble accent nail, use this tip: Swipe two coats of white nail polish onto the nail, and use a gray Sharpie marker to paint in the cracks of the marble. Keep the cracks irregular for a more natural result. Afterward, dip a striping brush into rubbing alcohol and dab it onto the cracks to achieve a blurred marbled effect. Apply a matte gel top coat onto your nails to complete the look.
Matte chevron nails
If you’re a fun-loving type of gal, then you’re going to love this bold chevron pattern design. This look is easy to execute. Just gather supplies and get ready to channel your inner Picasso. Get the full tutorial here.
Fierce League
Black and grey matte nails
You don’t need to be a professional nail artist to nail this look. There are so many variations of gray nail polishes on the market from the palest shades to the richest gunmetal hues. In this tutorial, the gray nail polish used has a sheer pink undertone. Get the full tutorial here.
Fierce League
Matte nude nails with gold striping tape
Nude nail polishes will never go out of style because the shade is appropriate for every season and occasion. This classic matte nude shade featured in the tutorial has the prettiest hint of peach that pairs perfectly with the gold stripes. Get the full tutorial here.
Fierce League
Matte nude nails with gold tips
This matte nail polish is similar to the previous look except it has a cool, beige undertone. This tutorial demonstrates how to rock this elegant style the right way. Get the full tutorial here.
Fierce League

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