6+ funky print nail art designs that are going viral

If you have a bold personality, you definitely need nail art to match. Funky prints are the perfect choice. "Funky" is a fashion term that means you don't copy the trends, but you do let them inform your style. In other words, you know what's hot, and you put your own twist on that.
Funky prints run the gamut. Here you find instructions for creating everything from arrows and Aztec black prints to rainbows and neon triangles. There is no one right way to do funky. Find the art that appeals to you most below, but don't be afraid to put your own stamp on it.
Aztec print
Aztec prints are inspired by the tribal prints of Mexico. They include graphic shapes with bold stripes and strong lines. These nails combine that style with an ombre pastel nail for a trendy boho work of art.
Fierce League
This video starts with the base nails already painted in a lovely pastel rainbow ombre design. The Aztec print works on any base color, though, so start with the colors that feel most on point to you. Use black paint to add the Aztec print.
Start with a simple triangle shape. Then you'll learn how to add edges to that triangle to create the pyramid design on the second and fourth nails. It is much simpler than you might guess. The design repeats on the top and bottom of the nail, then you add open triangles to the sides.
Create two parallel horizontal stripes on the middle finger, then fill in a row of triangles between them, adding a third parallel line for a stronger detail effect. On the remaining two nails, add one thin stripe and one bold stripe to tie the entire design together. The video shows you exactly where to place each line to get the result shown in the photo above.
Funky arrow designs
It's amazing how a few simple shapes placed strategically can have a really bold design impact. These coral nails are topped off with a series of symbols. One nail on each hand is a set of three small diamonds drawn in vertically at the center. Another is a pyramid with three cursor-style arrows at the tip. A small triangle atop a larger triangle adds a third design element. Finally, there is a long vertical line with a circle at the center and two tiny triangles at either end. As long as you can draw short straight lines to create the triangles, you can achieve this funky arrow print.
Funky splatters
Combine "fun" and "spunky" to get these funky nails. Half of the nails are a bold pink base with intricate black designs. The other half are black nails with neon glitter splatters covering all but the tips. The splatters have a Jackson Pollock feel; you will truly be wearing art when you sport a nail design like this one.
Neon triangles over gold sparkle nails
There are not many people who can pull off neon triangles on their fingers, especially over a glitter base. However, those who love funky prints can make it work. Do you dare?
Fierce League
First things first, you need to paint all of your fingers with gold glitter gel. Lay it on thick with lots of sparkle. Next, take highlighter yellow paint and add 1 to 2 solid yellow triangles to each nail. Follow that with 1 to 2 solid orange triangles. Finally, use electric blue to paint 1 full open triangle and one partial open triangle on each nail. The placement of the triangles is different on each nail so that they don't look too matchy-matchy. The video will show you how to get the right effect.
Neon rainbow nails
Rainbows are a popular design trend that never goes out of style. Use neon shades and strategic placement to turn them from super sweet into fun and funky.
Fierce League
Begin with a light pink base. One finger and a thumb will remain solid. The other three will get rainbow paint. Start with the second nail, drawing vertical rainbow lines down the center, leaving pale pink on either side. Move to the next finger and create a rainbow that arches up from the thumb side of the hand over to the other side. Create a rainbow with the opposite arch on the pinky finger. The result is that it looks like a split rainbow across the center of the hand, slightly asymmetrical for a funkier design. Watch the video to see how to blend each rainbow color into the next.
Bright polka dot nails
You can't wear polka dot nails and be unhappy at the same time. Make them even more joyful by using a different neon color for the dots on each finger.
Fierce League
As always, you'll start with a base coat. A pale shade of ivory or light pink is a solid choice for funky polka dot nails. Use a nail dotting tool to apply a vertical line of 5 blue dots up the center of one nail. Add parallel lines of four dots each on either side. Repeat the process on each nail, painting them in orange, yellow, pink and purple, respectively. Check out the video to see the type of nail dotting tool that works best.
Hot pink checkerboard nails
Checkerboard nails are nothing new, but this funky design has two important details. First, they're done in pink instead of white. Second, the checkerboard takes up only one vertical half of each nail. People will look twice when they see your hands.
Fierce League
Lay down a base of hot pink to use as your checkerboard canvas. Draw a vertical black line down the center of the first nail. Draw another line parallel to it on the pinky side of the nail. Then draw horizontal lines from the center line all the way to the edge, crossing over the second vertical line. Repeat this across all of the nails.
Next it's time to fill in the solid squares. Starting with the first nail, paint every other square black. Repeat across all of the nails. Top with a coat of clear gel for shine. This is one of those techniques that is easier to show than explain, so watch the video to get the hang of it.