Show your wild side with these 7+ animal print nail designs

Bring out your wild side with animal print nail art. Maybe you are bold enough to wear these nails with layers of other animal prints. If not, though, they can add a little roar to subtler style.
Animal prints will never go out of style. But it takes some effort to keep changing up the designs. From leopard spots to snake scales, these seven nail art options are sure to inspire your creativity.
Leopard spots
Lions and tigers and ... leopards, oh my! These sleek cats are beautiful, and you will feel beautiful too when you create nails inspired by their print.
Fierce League
These nails are much easier to achieve than you would think at first glance. It begins with layers of the right shade to create the perfect base. Then you add five dots of grey onto each nail. Next you flank the grey with dots of black. It doesn't have to be perfect; in fact, asymmetry is what gives these dots their charm. See exactly how it is done in the video below.
Hot pink zebra stripes
Zebra stripes are a popular nail choice, but make yours special by using hot pink instead of white. Make the nails even more creative by adding bold graphic black tips. For just one nail on each hand, use more black than pink. People will want to look at each nail on your hand to see how unique they are.
Snake skin
Dare to be dangerous with these snake skin nails. Start with white nails. Use reflective sparkles to draw in the snake print. In fact, you only need that print on one or two nails to get a really bold effect. The white color and sparkle makes these appropriate for holiday nails even though they are particularly fierce.
Zebra stripes
Black and white zebra stripes are classic, but you can still make them unique. In this case, only the center two nails are zebra striped. They are flanked by classic black nails for a fun finish.
Fierce League
Start off by painting the nails that will be black. You will feel like you're almost done with the job before you even begin on your zebra stripes. Paint the remaining nails white. Then add the zebra stripes with a light touch. Not sure quite how to achieve that zebra effect? The video below shows you how it's done.
Giraffe nails
Giraffes are magical creatures. They stand out above the crowd, not just because of their height, but also because of their unique animal print. Show off your own magic with giraffe nails like these.
Fierce League
These nails manage to look creamy and shiny at the same time. The thick pale main color accounts for the creaminess. The shine is from the top coat. But it's the details in between those steps that make this design so cool.
Use reddish brown paint to strategically draw in the outline of giraffe spots, filling them in as you go. You'll put 8 to 12 spots of varying size on each nail. Getting the giraffe print right isn't easy, but if you follow the step-by-step video below then you'll have those nails in no time.
Tiger stripes
Tiger stripes are a bit like zebra stripes but bolder. The stripes are wider, plus they are set against bold orange. These nails have an ombre effect that softens the orange without minimizing the design.
Fierce League
First you have to learn how to create the ombre white and orange base for the tiger nails. The video below shows you exactly how it's done; you will notice that there is slightly more orange than white on most nails, and that the orange is darker on left than on the right.
Once that's done, you can add the tiger stripes in black. They emerge from each side (alternating one then the other) into the center of the nail. The detailed video can help you with exact placement.
Fish scales
These nails immediately conjure up images of seasides and mermaids. The nude nail is sophisticated. The nail tips are funky fish scales. The added gems amp up the party on your hands.
Fierce League
Fish scale nails can go from a fun theme to a big mess in no time flat. That's why it is important to get each step right. Start with the pink base coat. Next, draw a rounded blue triangle at the tip of each nail. Outline that with white, and also use the white to add the fish scales.
Apply nail glue to the bottom of each triangle in the center of the nail. Adhere one gold gem to each nail. Finish off with a topcoat for perfect shine. The result is eye-catching. Need more information? The video shows you every step.

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