Channel your inner unicorn with this 5+ holographic makeup looks

There's nothing easier to love than shimmer and shine, and the new trend of holographic makeup is really wowing everyone. What is holographic makeup, you ask? A broad category of iridescent lipsticks, highlighters, eyeshadows and more. These prismatic beauties throw off rainbow hues for show-stopping makeup looks.
Check out this round-up of the best DIY holographic makeup products and otherworldly applications. A lot of these products are surprisingly easy to make and work well when regular makeup just won't do the trick. You'll be glowing, gleaming and glittering in no time like the unicorn you are.
1. Unicorn glitter
Calling all glitter-obsessed girls. Creating this festival-ready unicorn glitter look has never been easier. Watch this quick video to find out the two steps to get this mind-blowing chunky glitter highlight look for yourself. Can you say Instagram-worthy?
2. DIY lavender illuminating spray
An illuminating spray that's both shimmery and relaxing? Yes please. This DIY lavender illuminating spray adds a fresh, dewy highlight to skin, a soothing scent and is very easy to make. Fun fact: Lavender essential oil also helps a lot of people relieve headaches. Talk about a powerful makeup tool. Watch this short video to learn how to create your own.
3. Collarbone extreme highlight with glitter
For a must-have summer look, put some shimmer on those shoulders. This look is perfect for off-the-shoulder fashion. With a quick contour and highlight, a glitter application on the high points of shoulders and collarbone can create the ideal glow. Watch this quick video to learn all the tips and tricks to getting sexy, defined collarbones.
4. Extreme glow makeup
Have you ever wondered how Instagram models get that fierce, summertime glow? Try out this extreme glow look with dramatic contouring and out-of-this-world shimmer highlight. Watch this short video to see how it's done, and get ready to take some gorgeous selfies.
5. DIY rose water illuminating spray
Rose water is a favorite feminine mists to keep skin hydrated. It smells light, flirty and sweet. What if you learned that you could make your very own hydrating rose water mist with built-in highlighter? It's so easy to do. Just watch this short video to learn how to be hydrated and highlighted all day long.
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