Go for gold with these 5+ stunning gold nail designs

Ever wonder why we're fascinated with gold? Of course not. Gold brings to mind images of opulence and decadence. It's no wonder we're swept off our feet when someone special offers us something shiny and valuable.
If actual gold isn't in your budget, you're still in luck. With a little ingenuity and the tips in these videos, you can give your nails a glimmering makeover that will catch the eye of any passerby. Bonus: You won't go broke creating these gorgeous looks, either.
Gold French tips
French tips are always in season, but the same old pink and white can get a little stale. If you're ready to venture into glamour territory but need a little help getting that curve just right, we've got a great hack. Once you've seen it in action, you'll wonder why you hadn't thought of it before. Get the full tutorial for this nail look here.
Gold ombré
You've heard of ombré hair but what about ombré nails? The technique is basically the same. Colors transition gently from light to dark. Creating gold ombré nails is ultra-simple. Get the full tutorial here, and learn how to use glitter polish to give nails a gilded look.
Gold glitter
Have you ever bought a gorgeous glitter polish only to be disappointed when you applied it? To get a full-coverage look, you usually need to apply at least three coats, and no one has time for that. There's a way to shortcut that process, so get the full tutorial here.
Gold accent nail
Every now and then you need to switch things up, and this look offers a unique application trick you probably haven't seen before. Instead of opting for a full set of matching nails, give this pretty gold accent nail a try. Not only will it catch the light, but it can also draw attention to a fun piece of jewelry. Get the full tutorial here.
Gold rhinestones
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but rhinestones come in handy, too. If you want to take your golden manicure over the top, grab your craft kit and see how this look is done. You can create a gold-on-gold look at home in half the time it takes to visit the salon. You'll save a bundle, too! Get the full tutorial here.

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