If you want to step up your makeup game, check out these beginners tips

There's nothing like makeup. That shiny new palette filled with pretty eye shadows can improve your mood with just one glance. But if you're just beginning to experiment with makeup, you may be feeling a bit nervous about what to do first.
These quick videos cover a lot of basics in just a few minutes. If you have questions about what to apply first, how to create a nighttime look on the fly or how to keep your tools in pristine shape, then this will make your day.
Go from day to night in just three steps
If you're heading out for the evening and don't have time to do a completely different look, you can intensify your existing look with just a few steps. Nighttime makeup is all about glamour, so deepen your bronzer, smoke out your eye shadow, switch to a richer lipstick, and you'll be good to go. If you have a few extra minutes, do a sultry three-step eye as shown in the video below.
Better tools produce better results
Spending money on brushes instead of makeup can be hard to justify, but the right tool will always make cosmetic applications easier and more precise. Fluffy brushes prevent overapplication, especially with blush, and they also diffuse powder quickly. When it comes to eyes and brows, you need a few different brushes to apply shadow, liner and brow powder, so check out the video below for recommendations for each specific area.
Apply makeup in a logical order
When you're just beginning to wear makeup, it can be hard to know what to apply first. Generally, you want to prime your face and lids before applying makeup. This helps foundation last longer and keeps eyeshadow colors truer. If you're using dark or highly pigmented eye shadow, try applying it before you do your base makeup. And when it comes to cheeks, take a look at this video to see how it's done.
Learn why most YouTubers do their eye makeup first
Traditionally, women applied their foundation before their eye makeup, but a lot of people do the exact opposite. If you're using cream shadow, then you can apply them in either order, but if you love pigmented powder, shimmers or glitter, excess product can end up below your eye. In this video, you will see why it's better to do your eyes before your base.
Clean tools work better
No one enjoys cleaning their brushes, but dirty brushes can muddy up an eye shadow look or, even worse, cause breakouts. As you'll see in the video below, some brushes require a second pass, but clean tools ensure a foolproof application.
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