Grab some glitter & copy these nail designs

When it comes to attention-grabbing nails, glitter is a no-brainer. Think about it. Those tiny flecks catch the light and transform base colors within mere seconds. Thankfully, nail art supplies come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and inexpensive shimmers, so creating sparkly, shiny looks doesn't have to mean breaking the bank.
From holographic powders to glitter and gems, these looks are destined to draw admiring glances. Instead of relying on jewelry or holiday apparel this season, give one of these glam looks a go. Just be sure to set that hard work with a good gel top coat and cure thoroughly with an LED or UV lamp to keep those nails looking fabulous.
Big glitter
Nothing says "Party Time" like shiny, multicolored confetti against a holographic petal pink nail. Get the tutorial here.
Jazzy blue
There's blue, and then there's Tiffany & Co. blue. Add a glitter topper to this showstopping color, and everyone will know why diamonds really are a girl's best friend.
Mauve and glitter
Neutrals need not be boring. Say "night night" to nude, and up your neutral game with a warm mauve base and a bit of glittery glam.
Holographic sparkle nails
Stop settling for a single shade. These cheery, sparkly nails are sure to leave onlookers smiling. Get the tutorial here.
Glittery stars
While reaching for the stars, why not sport a sparkly set for all the world to see? Get the tutorial here.
Glitter French tips
Feeling a little edgy? Darken up that French tip for a glittery look with attitude. Get the tutorial here.
Pink glitter nails with negative space
When icy pink glitter offsets negative space, the result is pure art. Get the tutorial here.

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