5+ nail designs that are perfect for short nails

Having pretty nails doesn't necessarily require a trip to the salon or a lot of expertise. All you need are some basic supplies, a creative spirit and a few minutes of "me" time. You may be thinking that fancy designs or bright colors look best on long nails. Not true.
In many ways, shorter nails are a blessing. For starters, the polish is less likely to chip because shorter nails don't flex as much during regular activities. That means your masterpiece will last longer, so it's worth the effort to try something new. Here are five creative ways to get a salon-quality manicure at home. A few of them look complicated, but the videos will show you how easy these really are.
1. Sparkly ombré nude nails
If you want a near-neutral look with a jazzy edge, choose this option. The sparkle isn't overdone, so you'll get a gradient effect instead of a heavy-looking tip. Get the tutorial here.
2. Black and gold polka dot nails
If you want to change up your polka dot look, try mixing and matching polish shades. Although a full metallic shade may overwhelm short nails, a few well-placed dots bring life to a basic manicure. These black and gold dots are both fun and sophisticated, so check out this quick video to see how to use a dotting tool to bring the design to life.
3. Pink ombré nails
"Pretty in pink" has never looked better than in this gradient ombré design. But how do you get that subtle deepening of color without obvious lines? Get the answer and inside tricks with this helpful video. It shows how a combination of art and makeup supplies will help you achieve this pretty look in a flash.
4. Black and white puzzle nail designs
Remember putting puzzles together when you were a kid? If you really want to up your polishing game, try out this ingenious design. It looks complicated at first, but the process couldn't be easier. This video will walk you through the steps so you can turn a basic checkerboard look into a design that looks like puzzle pieces. This one will definitely draw attention.
5. Dark red nails with sparkle accent nail
Who says nails need to be long to pull off a dark red hue? If you're feeling like your nails are too short for such a deep shade, offset them with a single sparkle accent nail. This video will give you the inspiration you need to break out of your comfort zone (if only on one nail).