Want to do your makeup in 10 minutes or less? Here are some tips you should follow

What happens when you only have 10 minutes to do your makeup and get out the door? Well, if you prioritize your needs, you'll look fabulous without spending an hour getting ready.
For many, 10-minute makeup means a minimal eye look, spot concealing, and a kiss of color on the lips and cheeks. Check out some easy ways to speed up your prep without sacrificing your look.
Speed up your foundation application
Here's one trick you may not know. If you usually use a foundation brush, try the trick in the video below before applying your foundation. It will help the brush glide along the skin, so you'll get even coverage in less time.
Use a multitasking primer
When you're short on time, you need to do three steps in one. Luckily, many primers hydrate, smooth and even protect you from the sun's harmful rays.
Go for a "less is more" eye look
Now is not the time for a cut crease or false lashes. Create a natural-looking eye with neutral shades with the technique demonstrated in this video.
Draw a hashtag for a quick smoky eye
This technique for creating the smoky eye look is going viral, but is it a hack or whack? We put this particular trick to the test in the video below. You might just be surprised by the results.
Embrace two-step brows
Busy days call for an all-in-one brow product. Look for one that includes both a pencil for outlining and a gel for setting and grooming. Check out how it works in this video.
Chisel your cheeks
Contouring on the fly can be tricky, so opt for a forgiving shade that doesn't have too much pigment. Because you won't have as much time to blend, you need to be sure you're not left with obvious lines of demarcation.
Apply concealer in a triangle shape
In the following video, we compare two ways of applying concealer to the face. Can you spot the difference?

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