5 mascara hacks you need to know to improve your makeup game

Ah, mascara. I like to think of it as the icing on the cake. Without it your makeup look just isn't complete. Mascara can totally transform and enhance your eyes or it can do the exact opposite. With one wrong flick, you can totally destroy your face and ruin your makeup.
Putting on mascara is a delicate business and it might help to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are a few hacks that when it comes to mascara, you need to know!
1. Lavender oil
Have you heard that lavender oil is great for your mascara? Besides smelling amazing, lavender is a very useful plant. You might want to pick some up in oil form after reading this. Just look at this list of what it can do for your mascara:
- Extending the life of mascara
- Killing bacteria and mites
- Promoting lash growth
- Making lashes stronger
2. Bend your brush
If you bend the wand just before the bristles of your mascara brush, you will be able to get to those hard to reach areas — you know those tiny hairs close to the inner corner of your eye. This bend will also make your brush easier to control.
3. Choose the right wand
Ever wonder what types of mascara wands do what? Some wands are oversized, making them ideal for maximizing volume. Other wands are thinner and more precise. These are better if you are going for a tinted or more natural look.
4. Revitalize dry mascara
Get all that you can out of your mascara before tossing it in the trash. You can actually use contact solution to bring clumpy, dried out mascara back to life.
5. Prevent clumps
I think we all know that clumpy mascara is not a good look for anyone. Prevent those clumps before they even start by running it under hot water before use.

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