Use these 5+ household items to make a unique dotting tool for your nails

There's something about polka dots that brings out the playful little girl in everyone, no matter how old people get. Polka dots are cheerful, upbeat and easy to create, especially when it comes to nail polish, and you don't have to visit a salon to create a great look.
If you've never tried painting polka dots yourself, you're missing out on an easy way to customize a manicure. Dots don't require a perfectly steady hand, so don't worry if they're not all the same size. All you need are two colors of polish, a clear top coat and a tool to do the dotting. Here are five household items that make dotting a breeze.
1. Sharpened pencil
What could be cuter than a pink and white manicure? A pink and white polka-dotted manicure. You probably have a #2 pencil hanging around somewhere, so sharpen it and watch this quick video. We'll show you how to put the white polish on without mucking up the entire thing.
2. Toothpick
Another way to dot up a manicure is to use a wooden toothpick. It doesn't matter if the toothpick is completely pointy because you're not going to make every dot exactly the same. Getting the right amount of polish on the tip takes a little practice, so check out this video to see how to apply it perfectly. Tip: Don't press too hard or you'll dent the primary color.
3. Top of a straight pin
For slightly bigger polka dots, you'll need a larger tool. A straight pin, the kind with a pretty round bead on the end, works beautifully. Be careful when using this technique because you'll be holding the sharp end between your fingers. Check out this quick video to see how perfectly it does the job in seconds.
4. Stem of an earring
For the tiniest, most precise dots, look no further than your jewelry box. Those pierced earrings you never wear are effective for making tiny polka dots. Take a look at the video. You'll see how little polish is necessary to achieve a magnificent manicure. Tip: Clean the earring thoroughly before and after, so it'll be sanitary to wear again.
5. End of a bobby pin
Just when you think there are no more possible uses for bobby pins, one comes along. Safety-coated bobby pins (the kind with a little rubber tip on the end) work as polka dot makers. They hold just the right amount of polish and are easier to control than longer instruments. Watch the video for a helpful tip that makes application even easier.
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