5+ braided pigtails that will keep you looking trendy and stylish

For most of us, braiding is the go-to option when running short on time (or when you're having a bad hair day). A single French, Dutch or fishtail braid can look amazingly elegant, but if you want a casual but playful look, these pigtail styles are a stylish choice.
Doing a double braid can actually be easier than a single braid because you don't have to work with all your hair at the same time. Plus, when you get to the back of your neck, you won't have to worry about braids being crooked. To get started, gather some basic tools: hair spray (to give hair a bit of extra hold), hair elastics (any color works) and a hot roller clip (to keep excess hair out of the way. Ready to try one? Let's go!
1. French braided pigtails
Doing a single French braid can be frustrating. Trying to get all that hair into one organized braid makes the whole process seem unmanageable. But here's a way to turn basic pigtails into a polished look. Just divide your hair down the middle and follow the handy tips in the video to create two separate French braids. Bonus: You'll be able to see what you're doing, so you can easily tighten or loosen a section if it looks unbalanced.
2. Dutch braided pigtails
If you can do a French braid, then a Dutch braid will be almost as easy. The main difference comes from weaving in extra hair below the braid, not over it. This creates a no-fuss casual look on busy mornings when you don't have time to wash your hair. But if your hair is tough to control (i.e., ultra fine or freshly shampooed), follow the tips in the video to give it more body and staying power.
3. Twisted braid pigtails
If you're new to braiding and still feel like weaving three sections together is a challenge, give this method a try. Once again, you'll work on one side at a time, but this technique only requires that you twist together two sections of hair to create a rope effect. Watch the quick video to see where to start and how to get this elegant look in no time.
4. Fishtail braided pigtails
A fishtail braid takes a bit more time to complete, but the end result is well worth the effort. As you can see in this still shot, the hair is woven together in a chevron style, and you only need to work with two sections to get this complicated look. Because the technique is different than other pigtail braiding styles, watch the video to see how to pick up additional hair and how to cross it over. You can even pancake it out at the end it to make it look fuller.
5. Pull-through braided pigtails
If you've mastered the other options, it's time to up your braiding game. Pull-through braids require lots of elastics, so make sure you have several handy before you start. This one take a little practice, so watch the tutorial a couple of times to see when to divide your hair, how to section it out and what to do when you get down to the neck area. Pancaking (fluffing) the braid is optional, but it gives the finished look a lot more volume.
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