Master nose contour with these 5+ contouring tips

Makeup can highlight your favorite features and even hide your flaws. If you're not exactly thrilled with the shape of your nose, you're in luck. Contouring is a quick and easy way to fake the nose of your dreams.
In these videos, you'll not only learn how to apply contour products effectively but you'll also see them in action. All you need are a few simple tools, and you'll be able to master these techniques in no time.
1. Begin contouring at the brow bones
Nose contouring images can be confusing because they only show preapplied stripes of color. To get the best result, you need to customize your approach to match your goal. Watch the video to learn where to begin and why it matters.
2. Draw two lines down the sides of your nose
Drawing contour lines can be intimidating. Put them too close together, and your nose may look unnaturally narrow. If you're nervous about where to draw contour lines, watch this helpful video. You'll quickly learn how to feel more at ease even if you don't draw the straightest lines initially.
3. Highlight the bridge of your nose
Nose contouring usually involves two separate steps. First, apply the dark contour shade to temporarily change how your nose looks. Next, grab the highlighter to draw the eye upward. Using highlighter on the bridge of the nose seems counterintuitive, but the video below explains how light tricks the eye in a good way.
4. Blend away harsh lines
After you've applied the contour shade, take a look in the mirror. If those dark lines are really obvious, you still have work to do. This video will teach you how to soften those edges without smearing your base.
5. Darken the tip of your nose to make it look shorter
The best part of contouring is individualizing the approach. You may only need to apply color to a portion of your nose. Check out the simple video tutorial to learn how to make your nose look shorter or less pointy.
Use a spoon to get perfect cheekbones
If you weren't blessed with high cheekbones, that doesn't mean you can't fake 'em. This simple (and quirky!) technique shows you how to use a spoon -- yes, a spoon -- to get that perfectly sculpted look without any skill.
Contour for a smaller forehead
If you love wearing your hair in an updo but are self-conscious about your large forehead, we've got a solution. The contouring technique shown in video below actually makes your forehead appear smaller.
Contour based on your face shape
Did you know that contouring techniques will change completely depending on the shape of your face? For instance, if you have a rectangular face, you should use makeup very differently than someone who has a round face. Watch the video below to see the style that works best for you.
Contour your lips for a fuller effect
Yes, you can use contouring to make your lips appear fuller -- no injections necessary. The following tutorial shows what you'll need to get a plumper pout.

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