Go for sheen and shine with these 7+ chrome nail designs

Feeling adventurous? Add sheen and shine to your manicure with these chrome designs. Although most of the highlighted nail designs are a must for parties, others are subtle enough to wear to work or any other professional environment.
Most (if not all) nail designs that use chrome nail powder are considered chrome nails. Fortunately, nail powder is very accessible and comes in a variety of colors. Learn techniques to achieve these chrome nail designs.
Black chrome nails with beaded accent
Fierce like a bolt of lightening, this stormy manicure features black chrome nails with a beaded lightening bolt accent. Four nails feature black chrome polish, and one nail features the beaded lightening bolt design. Note that nails are pointed rather than rounded or squared. Get the full tutorial here.
Fierce League
Raindrop multi-chrome nails
Multi-chrome nails are fascinating to look at. They appear to change colors in different angles of light. The raindrop feature on the nails is quite realistic and eye-catching. The ring finger and thumb of each hand features the raindrop nail design. Get the full tutorial here.
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Chrome French nails
Passionate about purple? These chrome french nails accentuate a purple chrome nail color. Although it's more common to see french manicures with a traditional flat tip, these nails display rounded tips. Get the full tutorial here.
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Pink chrome ombre nails
The name leads up to the style, as these hot pink nails incorporate a chrome-look with an ombre-like flair. Although each nail shows a true pink at its base, the pink color begins to turn chrome-looking from the middle to the tip. A thin vertical blue line complements each nail. Get the full tutorial here.
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Unicorn chrome nails
Pretty and pink, with a touch of glitz, unicorn chrome nails are subtle enough for everyday wear. Four nails on each hand feature a light pink gel nail paint, whereas the ring finger of each hand feature the unicorn design. Get the full tutorial here.
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Rosegold nails with glitter ombre
Bring in the new year or just shine bright throughout the year with these rosegold glitter nails. Festive and eye-catching with rounded tips, these nails look rich and warm. The glitter design makes fingernails a focal point. Get the full tutorial here.
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Matte chrome nails
Dark, yet sophisticated and flirty, these matte chrome nails offer a unique design. Each nail features one or more stone embellishments. The nail on the middle finger displays a gem, and the other fingernails feature crystals. Get the full tutorial here.
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