Follow these 5+ tips for perfectly manicured cuticles

Many of us paint our nails without giving a single thought to our cuticles. In reality, though, a healthy cuticle is also a sign of a healthy nail, so now's a good time to start showing them some love – and not just once in a while.
If your cuticles are dry, you may have a tendency to clip them or, worse, bite or tear them off. Both practices can damage the skin and lead to infection, but adopting some of the following practices will keep them healthier and looking great.
1. Add some moisture
If your cuticles are in bad shape, it can be tempting to grab clippers and to start cutting away, but the following video should convince you otherwise. The skin at the base of your nail bed is fragile, and you can do serious damage to it if you start roughing it up when it's dry. You don't need a dedicated nail product, though, so watch the video for an inexpensive recommendation.
2. Try hair conditioner
So, you want to take care of your cuticles but don't have any lotion. What to do? Here's a good trick. Try using hair conditioner instead. You probably have a bottle in your shower, so watch this quick video to see how to properly massage and moisturize the cuticle before trimming it. Your tender skin will thank you.
3. Give your nails a soak
Cutting dry cuticles is a surefire way to nick the skin and cause minor bleeding, which is not exactly the beauty look you want. Softening cuticles doesn't necessarily require moisturizer, either. All you need is a small bowl, some water and liquid hand soap. Watch the quick video to see how soaking makes a difference.
4. Be careful when pushing cuticles back
Pushing cuticles back is a key part of preparing your nails for a manicure. It can be painful, though, especially if you're too aggressive. In the video, you'll see the benefits of using a rubber-tipped pusher and learn a bonus tip for making cuticles more pliable. After watching this, you'll never go back to your old habits.
5. Regularly use olive oil on cuticles
You've probably seen cuticle oil on the shelf when shopping for nail polish, but is it really necessary? Honestly, you have an all-natural product right in your kitchen that will help keep your cuticles and nails healthy. Olive oil treats both areas, so check out the short video to see how to apply it. It's one nail product you can feel good about using often.

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