7+ nail designs that are full of glam and bling

From simple to complex, these nail designs with bling are sure to bring compliments or turn heads. Use the same designs across seasons, changing nail and gem colors to compliment makeup. When style is everything, it's important to select a nail design suitable for daily use or a special occasion.
Learn about different nail colors, textures and techniques. While nail bling is typically associated with shiny gems and crystals, the shape and texture of nails adds a unique twist to nail art. Use the tips below to achieve some of the hottest nail trends.
Full nails with sparkles and gems
Shine bright like a diamond. Add gems that sparkle and pop to your manicure. People won't be able to keep their eyes off your nails.
Fierce League
A look that compliments any nail color, rhinestones and gems are fun and trendy. Select the sparkles and gems you wish to add to nails, grab a clear base gel and follow these instructions to add longevity to your desired look.
Unicorn bling nails
Twists, turns and mystery are the allure of the unicorn and its horn. Add a legendary status to your persona by wearing unicorn bling nails. This nonuniform set of nails mixes colors, textures and shapes. You'll get serious nail swag envy from anyone who loves unicorns and unique nail designs.
Cuticle bling
Shiny and bright without being overbearing, cuticle bling can be worn daily. Apply single crystals to the center of the cuticle, or apply several gems to create a unique design. Gems can range from small to large in size.
Black jewels
Shiny and elegant, black jewels can look great with evening wear. Create a unique design on all nails, or just select a few to show off your nail bling. Use a variety of sizes of black jewels for a distinct look.
Fierce League
Application and longevity are crucial to creating and maintaining nail bling. If you don't apply black jewels properly, they'll fall off, leaving your nails looking messy. Follow these instructions to create a unique design and keep your nail bling secure.
Bling tips
Prior to application, choose a look that suits your occasion. If you intend to wear nail bling for daily wear, aim for a low-key look with cuticles or tips of nails showing off bling. For a more visual look, apply nail bling in designs covering the surface of each nail.
Fierce League
Use the proper tools and products to apply bling to nails. To ensure gems do not slide or slip, it's important to learn about proper application. Follow these instructions to learn nail bling application tips.
Golden bling
All that glitters is gold. Show how serious you are about golden opportunities with golden bling. Apply gold nail bling in clusters that resemble golden nuggets, or aim for a more subtle look with a single golden gem on each nail.
Fierce League
Sassy and classy. A look that crosses all seasons, gold nail bling compliments golden metallic nails. Learn how to achieve this shiny golden look by following these instructions.
Pink bling
Dress your nails pretty in pink. A subtle look that exudes simplicity, pink bling is soft and feminine. Pair pink bling with a softer nail color, such as light pink.
Fierce League
Pink or iridescent? With every movement of your hand, the color seems to change. Follow these instructions to add pink nail bling to nails that appear magical in their color-changing abilities.

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