5+ stunning makeup looks for busy ladies, all under 5 mins

Are you in a rush to get out the door in the morning or start your day? Is putting on makeup something that gives you extra stress in the morning? Don't worry. The following tutorials are all under five minutes and will have you looking fabulous.
Whether you are a student or a mom who wants to look chic, these looks are for you. Women deserve to look good, no matter where they are in life. So grab your timer and let's get started.
5-minute look with shimmery eyes
This shimmery eye look will not only last a long time, but the shimmer really makes your eyes pop when you go out to conquer your day. Even if you aren't a fan of glitter, even a little bit to the eyelid can add that extra flare.
5-minute smoky eye makeup look
Smoky eyes are so versatile and effective if you want a more dramatic look. Watch the video below to see how this look can be done in fewer than five minutes.
5-minute everyday look
If you wake up and look like the girl on the left, this video is for you. In just five minutes, we will get you ready and out the door. This look works well for going to school, work or seeing friends.
5-minute glowy makeup look
Have you ever been jealous of women with skin that glows? Watch the tutorial below to see how easy this effect can be achieved.
Use the hashtag technique for the perfect smoky eye
Believe it or not, this hack can achieve the look of a smoky eye in just a few moments. The trick is to use an eyeliner pencil that is more creamy than matte to make it easier to blend.
Use tape when using eyeliner
Use Scotch tape as a stencil when applying eye makeup to get a clean line, especially when putting on liquid eyeliner. See how this works in the video below.
Apply concealer in a triangle shape
In the following video, we do a comparison of two ways of applying concealer to the face. Can you spot the difference?
5-minute matte makeup look
A matte look won't make you look too greasy. It really is the perfect look if you want to stand out in photos.