Whip out your concealer. Here are 5+ concealer tips you must know

Concealer is the makeup industry’s gift to women. Its job is right in its name: to conceal. Chances are you’ve been using concealer the same way your entire life: to hide your flaws. But (and this is a big one) it can actually be accentuating things you’d rather keep hidden.
If there’s one item in your makeup bag that is the most misunderstood, concealer’s the one. It can do a whole lot more than you think, so read on for five concealer tips that will make imperfections a thing of the past.
Apply concealer in a triangle shape
Instead of using a half moon shape underneath the eyes, apply concealer in a triangle shape. This elongates the coverage area and creates a brighter under eye.
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Keep concealer from creasing under your eyes
If you find yourself with concealer creases under the eyes, make sure to set the concealer with translucent powder. To avoid picking up too much product, make sure to dust the brush before you apply the powder underneath your eyes.
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Use lipstick to conceal dark circles
If we told you that you can use red lipstick to conceal dark under eye circles, you probably wouldn't believe us, right? The key is to use enough concealer over the lipstick.
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Use concealer to keep lips from bleeding
Concealer can save your lips from bleeding color. The key is to outline your lips with concealer before applying the color.
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This enables you to get a flawless lip.
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Use concealer on your eyelids
Using concealer on your eyelids can make it act as an eyeshadow primer. This helps your eyeshadow last much longer during the day.
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Use concealer to fix eyeliner mistakes
Everyone has messed up their eyeliner from time to time. Rather than removing all your work and starting over, you can go in with concealer.
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Use color correcting concealer to balance different areas of the face
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For example, many of us have dark circles under our eyes. These typically have bluish or purple undertones. A bright, warm peach concealer will balance and hide these dark tones. The same principle applies as we use a cool, calming green to offset reds and pinks, and a light purple to brighten and highlight dull areas. Get the full tutorial on this here.
Use concealer for longer lasting lipstick
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To make lipstick last longer, you need to apply some sort of product to prime the lip surface. The primer acts as a barrier between your lip and the lipstick. This gives color more staying power plus a smooth underlying surface. If you've never tried using concealer under lipstick, get the full tutorial here.

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