Want to do a manicure at home? Follow these 5 steps and do it the right way

With the average manicure easily setting you back at least $30, heading to the salon everytime you want your nails to look fresh may not always fit in your budget. But, if you have a couple of dollars and 30 minutes, you can get a salon-quality manicure in the comfort of your own home.
Nailbees says that you need the following six steps to get the full experience. Keep this checklist close by the next time you want to give your nails a makeover.
1. File your nails
Your nails are a bit like your hair. They need to be trimmed to stay in tip-top shape. Using a nail file allows you to smooth out rough edges and trim the tips with more precision than nail clippers. Reader's Digest recommends using a higher grit file (like 240) to keep weak nails from tearing. When filing, work from one side into the middle, then the other side to the middle for the best results.
2. Fix the cuticles
Your cuticles are your nail's best friend. They help protect your nail beds from bacteria, but they can get in the way of a manicure. You'll want to remove dry, loose skin from cuticle area. Remember to be gentle when working on your cuticles, they can be tender and you don't want to damage them. Get the full cuticle routine from Nailbees.
3. Love your hands
After you've taken care of your cuticles, give your hands a little extra love. You can make your own exfoliator that will help remove dead skin. Check out this easy recipe from The Kitchn. After you remove the dead skin, use a moisturizing lotion all over your hands. Don't be afraid to rub some lotion into your cuticles too.
4. Buff your nails
Before you break out the polish, buff your nails to smooth out the surface of your nails. Find a three-way buffer. Using the rough part of the buffer, go over the entire nail until it appears dusty or cloudy. Don't forget to get the edges of your nail too. Then use the smooth section to get your nails shiny. Wipe the dust off with a cotton ball.
5. Add the polish
If you want to add a color, now is the time. Make sure to apply a base coat to protect your nails from staining, and finish with a top coat to help your manicure last longer.

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