8 romantic braided hairstyles to make you feel pretty

We all have days when we feel a little less than attractive. Whether you've been sick, depressed, or just run ragged, taking a few minutes to make your hair look nice can improve your mood. Braids are a great way to add a little glamour to your everyday look because they are as attractive as they are functional.
Check out these charming braids for those days you just want to dress your hair up a bit.
1. Fishtail updo (h/t Confessions of a Hairstylist)
This stunning braid is guaranteed to raise your confidence level. This look is perfect for showing off your highlights and your charming personality. The loose pieces around the face add even more romance to the look.
2. Messy romance (h/t Mia and Linda)
There's something oddly comforting about this gorgeous braid. The giant pulled braid looks full and soft. To get the full effect of this style, you'll need long, thick hair, or some really good hair extensions.
3. Soft lace braid (h/t Annie's Forget Me Knots)
Pretty doesn't have to be complicated. The loosely braided updo is functional and charming. The multi-purpose style will get you from carpool to date night. You can tighten up the look a bit by braiding in the curly pieces instead of letting them lay on the face.
4. The bow braid (h/t Luxy Hair)
Nothing says beautiful like strategically placed flowers. The large pancaked sections of the pull-through braid create little pockets that are perfect for adding your favorite flower. Show off your personality by picking out your favorite color.
5. Romantic fishtail (h/t Jaaack Jack)
The fishtail braid looks elegant all on its own. Use it as a headband for a grown-up style that looks beautiful. Adding waves to the bottom section adds some contrast to the tight weaved look you get with the plaiting.
6. French braid updo (h/t Kukla Lu)
This is one of my favorite looks on the list. The simple braid acts as the base of the updo. Curing and tucking the loose ends through the braid creates a romantic style fit for royalty.
7. Braid and curl (h/t The Style Garage)
If you're up for something a little more complicated, this pretty braid is a great way to go. Different braiding techniques combined with strategic curling results in a stunning look perfect for any formal activity.
8. Loose dragon braid (h/t American Salon)
I love this hairstyle because it's pretty and edgy at the same time. The poof at the top of the head and the Mohawk style of the braid adds a bit of rough and tumble to an otherwise elegant updo.

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