7 mermaid style braids for days when you're feeling magical

Sometimes you want to feel like a princess, sometimes you'd rather be the mermaid. If you're feeling a little fishy, you'll love the mermaid-style braids I've added to this list. Most of the styles are loose and carefree, but you'll find one or two that are a bit more structured.perfect for fans of The Mako Mermaids.
Get ready to dive into the ocean waves with these ethereal braids that are sure to bring out your inner-mermaid.
1. Mermaid curls (h/t Confessions of a hairstylist)
Believe it or not, this stunning braid is quite simple. The base of the braid is a simple three-strand braid. The rest is curled pieces pulled through each side of the braid. This look is perfect for a formal or an easy day at the beach.
2. Fishtail mermaid braid (h/t Braids by Jordan)
Let's just enjoy the fact that this Mermaid braid is also a fishtail braid... how appropriate. The pretty textured look feels reminiscent of a mermaid tail without being too literal. The fishtail braid is simple and it works on long and short hair.
3. Mermaid/butterfly braid (S Dark)
You'll need some hair extensions for this look if your hair is really short. But the result looks elegant. Don't forget to snag some shine control to keep the final product looking fresh.
4. Mermaid side braid (Missy Sue)
This side braid is light, simple and a little messy, which is perfect if you're new to braiding and tend to miss a few strands of hair. The loosened fishtail braid adds a lot of texture and thickness, while the simple crown braids add a little height to counter the thickness of the longer portions of the hair.
5. Mako Mermaids (h/t Jackie Wyers)
Mako Mermaid fans rejoice (nope there isn't another season...), but you can enjoy the pretty hairstyles, including the elegantly twisted mermaid braid. Add a few of your favorite seashell clips to really show off your new look.
6. Pull through Mermaid (h/t Pretty Hair is Fun)
The pull through braid is totally dummy proof. If you can do a pull through ponytail, you can master this look. With a little practice, this is a perfect look for days you only have a few minutes to get out the door. This look is a more structured style, but the waved pull-throughs feel very beachy.
7. Mermaid tail (h/t Holster Brands)
This braid is the most structured look on the list, but I love it because it really feels like a mermaid tail. The hardness and the architectural ridges feel very scaley. The braid is way less complicated than it looks. Check out the full tutorial below.

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