5 easy hacks that'll make doing a french manicure a breeze

The French Manicure is a classic style that you can wear anywhere. Perfect for weddings or a day at the office, it's a simple look that's elegant when done right. If you've ever tried to do one yourself and your fingers ended up looking like a kindergarten craft project, you're not alone.
Paying for a manicure can be expensive, but doing it on your own can have some pretty sorry consequences. If you're up to it, check out these helpful tips to make sure your next French manicure is top notch:
1. Hit the office supply store (h/t Rita BeautyX)
One of the hardest parts of the French manicure is the white tip. Unless you the hands of a surgeon, your lines are probably going to be uneven and wavy. Fret no more, head to your office supply store and snag some reinforcement stickers for binders. Apply the sticker above your nail line and paint across the top curve. You'll get the perfect shape every time, according to Rita BeautyX.
2. Try a rubber band
If you want something with a little more freedom, try using a rubber band to create the white tip. Knot the rubber band in half. Slip the top bit over your nail and the second loop over your thumb to anchor the rubber band. Adjust and paint as needed, Today recommends.
3. Use white eyeliner in a pinch (h/t My Star 101.7)
If you need to gussy up your nails on the fly, you'll love this tip. Grab some white eyeliner, and drag it under your fingernails. You'll use the natural tip of your nail to create a French manicure look. You can finish off the look by wiping away excess eyeliner and topping with a clear coat.
4. Try a bandaid
A band-aid can serve as a shaping aid too. You'll need to make sure you apply the bandage evenly on all of the nails before applying white polish. Then remove the bandage before the polish dries completely to avoid smudges.
5. Bring the toothpaste
Toothpaste won't help shape the tip of your nails, but it will ensure the transparent portion of your manicure is super clean. If you have stained nails, try brushing some toothpaste over your nails to remove any stains and brighten the nail, Cosmopolitan recommends.
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