Effects of makeup and how it shapes your face

We've all seen the powerful effects contouring can have in shaping one's face. (Think Kim Kardashian.) The beautiful thing is that contouring can hide flaws and highlight your favorite features if it's done right. Smaller nose? Check! More prominent cheekbones? Check! Accentuated eyes? Check!
Contouring is an essential skill all makeup enthusiasts should learn, but it can be intimidating the first few times. This resource contains some of the best tips and tricks to help you learn how to effectively contour to create the look you most desire. Let's get started.
Use a spoon to get perfect cheekbones (h/t Nicole Skyes)
If you weren't blessed with high cheekbones, that doesn't mean you can't fake 'em. This simple (and quirky!) technique shows you how to use a spoon to get a perfectly sculpted look without any skill.
Contour for a smaller nose (h/t Wonder Forest)
One of the most common features people want to minimize on their face is their nose. The following tutorial walks you through the steps to make your nose appear smaller using makeup. After checking out those before and after photos, we're convinced. Are you?
Contour for a smaller forehead (h/t The Beauty Department)
If you love wearing your hair in an updo but are self-conscious about your large forehead, we've got a solution. The contouring technique shown in video below actually makes your forehead appear smaller thanks to contouring along the hairline.
Contour based on your face shape
Did you know that contouring techniques change completely depending on the shape of your face? For instance, if you have a rectangular face, you should use makeup very differently than someone who has a round face. Watch the video below to see the style that works best for you.
Contour your lips (h/t Makeup Mania)
Yes, you can use contouring to make your lips appear fuller – no injections necessary. The following tutorial shows what you'll need to get a plumper pout with help from a lip liner and a bronzer.