Step up your accent nail game with a unicorn horn (+ 8 designs)

Unicorn nails are aptly named because of the swirling design that represents the unicorn horn. The pointed nail is a bolder manicure option, but when it's done well, it's absolutely eye-catching. If you want to try something fun and unique, this look has that covered.
Check out some of these stunning unicorn-inspired nail designs and get excited to try out this fun trend:
1. Unicorn and chrome (h/t Nail Career Education)
If you're going to go with a unicorn nail, you may as well go all the way and opt for a chrome polish. The extra sheen (especially in this gold pink color) is perfect! The tutorial below shows you how to create the actual design.
2. Seagreen rainbow unicorn (h/t Bridget Nails 88)
This almost feels more mermaid inspired than anything. The rainbow effect on the unicorn nail feels a bit like a seashell. And, this look shows you another option for the style. By changing the way the lines fall, you get a different design.
3. Pink power (h/t Supernova Nails)
Pink is the perfect color to show off your unicorn nail. What I love about this look is that the nail shape isn't quite as dramatic as the super-pointy nails. You still get the beautiful unicorn-inspired appearance without risking poking your eyeballs out.
4. Elegant unicorn (h/t Rizos Spa)
If you prefer a shorter nail, you can still embrace the unicorn-inspired look. The dark polish is classic and simple, so your feature nails really stand out. This is a safe option to test out the bold nail design.
5. Unicorn in pastel and silver (h/t Miss Mini Mac)
Unicorns are everything pretty and magical. This manicure catches the magic with pretty pastels, a few sparkling gems, and stunning silver polish. The look manages to stay understated despite the multiple elements.
6. Beachy unicorn (h/t Rohani Rohani 87)
Play with the unicorn nail to get a fun beachy look. The pastel purple is a perfect color, but the real star is the blue and white unicorn nail. Creative use of the nail polish creates a zebra-esque design, that's perfect for playing in the sand.
7. Easter unicorn (h/t Pretty Intense Beauty)
Using a different pastel on each nail is the perfect way to add a lot of color without overcomplicating your manicure. Make sure to choose a simple color with a little shimmer, especially if your unicorn nail is chrome as it helps keep the design uniform.
8. Fun unicorn (h/t Ace Nailz by Karen)
If you love unicorns, take a more literal approach to this nail trend. The sparkly unicorn nail is the perfect representation of a unicorn horn, and the cute unicorn faces add a whimsical touch.
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