Check out these 6 stunning geode nail designs

Geode nails are one of the hottest trends. The nail art looks a bit like natural crystals or those crystal rocks you're likely to find in a planetarium gift shop. The sparkle and fun contrasting colors make this nail art something I can get behind.
Purple seems to be a really popular color choice for this style, but feel free to use blues, greens, pinks, and oranges to change up the look.
1. Blue and pink geode (h/t Nail Career Education)
One way to get the geode style is to use an electronic nail filing tool to file through a top layer of polish into other colored layers. It can be a bit tricky, but this nail tutorial shows you how to get the look you want.
2. Stunning blue geode (h/t Red Iguana)
Marbled nails on either side of the geode nail add just a little extra appeal compared to a straight blue. Adding small gemstones into the middle adds extra depth. The blue color is amazing.
3. Amethyst geode nails (h/t Wildflowers Academy)
It's hard to beat a pretty pinkish/purple sparkle polish, but pairing it with the perfect gray makes it even prettier. I love the solid nails as much as this simple, but eye-catching geode design.
4. Extra sparkle (h/t Nailed It)
Take this trend over the top be recreated geode stones on each nail. The trick here is to find the right balance between black, white, and pink. You'll want to vary your dot sizes to make the design look natural.
5. Gold geo (h/t Godi Nails)
The gold in the geode design almost acts as a neutral when paired in varying shades with the white. The design feels a little less structured but still pretty. Try this smart design when you are feeling playful, but professional.
6. Natural geo (h/t Buff CS Jen)
The simplicity of this design makes it unique. The play on the natural nail with natural-inspired geo art is clever. The clear polish next to the geode creates a good contrast.
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