Channel your inner mermaid with these 7 nail designs

The idea of living under the sea is exotic and romantic. Being surrounded by deep blue water, colorful reefs, and sea creatures without a care in the world is the stuff that dreams are made of. But, unless you know a sea witch who'd give you fins instead of legs, it'll have to stay a dream.
You can keep a bit of that fantasy with you with some mermaid-inspired nail art. If you love mermaids, you'll want to check out a few of these fun ideas.
1. Stilleto mermaid tails (h/t Nail Career Education)
Not only are these nails exotic in shape and length, but the stunning mermaid design is also hard to beat. The blues and greens are perfect, and just a few touches of gems and glitter create underwater magic.
2. Fin couture (h/t The Nail Hub)
Like all haute couture, this nail art is not particularly wearable on a daily basis, but it is a work of art. The nail turns into a veritable mermaid tale in shape, and colorful fin additions complete the illusion. How cool is this idea?
3. Shells and jewels (h/t Marisola Vila Nails)
I love the choice of purple for this nail art. Using the sea-themed gems and baubles only on one finger keeps the rest of the design in check. I almost think you could just use the bauble-finger, and leave the rest in the purple-scaled design.
4. All things mermaid (h/t Rushita4179)
This nail art feels like actual art. The two outside fingers act as bookends for the fun 3D nails. It's a more grownup way to show off your love of the mythical underwater creatures.
5. Sparkle and stars (h/t Black File Nails)
Not everything has to be a literal interpretation. The colors and shimmer of this design feel mermaid-esque without being too overt. I love the little star stickers and would like to see small seashell stickers as an alternative.
6. Elegant mermaid tail (h/t Sensation Nails 4u)
Clean, simple, elegant and fun. This nail art shows excellent color choice with the perfect amount of shimmer. The scale nails are perfection! I'm actually a little bit in love with this idea.
7. Green and gold (h/t Nails 4 Cocktails)
For a more subdued choice, the green/blue and gold scale design is a safe bet. The color is perfect for a sea theme, and the simple gold scales are subtle and mature. This is a fun balance between whimsical and mature.
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