8 chrome nail styles that are totally on point

When you think of the word chrome you may not think of it as a nail design, but chrome nails are becoming super popular. Chrome nails are sleek, eye-catching, and perfect if you want a unique looking manicure.
While typically chrome nails are silver, they can also be done in a variety of colors. Whether understated or over the top, there are many ways to incorporate chrome into your manicure. Check out these 8 awesome chrome nail designs below!
1. Black chrome nails with beaded accent nail (h/t Nail Career Education)
These nails are a cool take on the typical silver chrome look. With the added beaded accent nail and super long stiletto shape, these nails are perfect for when you want an over the top look. Just make sure to cure the beads with a UV light once you have them in place. This way, they won't fall off if you bump into something. Want even more durability? Apply a top coat over the beads.
2. Raindrop multi-chrome nails (h/t Simply Nailogical)
These nails pack an absolute punch. If you want your nails to be the center of attention, you have to try this look. The illusion of the raindrops comes from using a matte top coat over the chrome powder, and a regular top coat for the circular raindrops. So, while it looks difficult to do, this chrome nail design is actually super simple.
3. Chrome french tip nails (h/t Luxapolish)
Want something more subtle? Try going for chrome tips instead of an all over chrome manicure. Pro tip: if your tips are a little even after you have applied the chrome to them, go back and touch up the tips with your black polish. This will give you that sharp and defined line between the chrome and the black, making the manicure look more professional.
4. Pink chrome ombre nails (h/t My Simple Little Pleasures)
These ombre chrome nails are perfect for an everyday look. Plus, if you don't like the color, you can just swap it out with your favourite instead. Pro tip: ombre can get really messy since you apply the nail polish with a makeup sponge. Use liquid latex around your nail to prevent the mess. Once you're done with the ombre, just peel away the latex, and your skin is all clean!
5. Unicorn chrome nails (h/t Gabby Morris)
If you haven't noticed, unicorns are all the rage right now and these pretty iridescent nails give off heavy unicorn vibes. Bonus? They reflect differently in different types of lighting, so each time you wear this look you get a slightly different color.
6. Rose gold chrome mirror nails (h/t IvyMUA)
Rose gold is my absolute favorite, so this is my dream manicure! Getting the rose gold color is all about the base color you paint onto your nails before applying the chrome powder. If this color is too pink for your liking, consider using a red base color.
7. Rainbow chrome nails (h/t Luciana McGee)
These nails are so fun! Although these nails are called rainbow chrome, she only uses two different colors to get this look! It is really just the chrome finish reacting with light that gives them their rainbow apparence.
8. Chrome rose nails (h/t Robin Moses Nail Art)
These nails are unbelievably cool, not to mention crazy simple, despite their intricate look. The key with this look is to only paint the chrome roses on one or two accent nails on each hand. Otherwise, the look will end up too busy. Keeping the roses as an accent makes them stand out even more.
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