7 crown braid tutorials that are not only simple but totally gorgeous

Crown braids are such a versatile style. They can look polished or relaxed, they can be worn with your hair up or down, and they can be simple or intricate. No matter the occasion, you can find a crown braid that works.
The best part about crown braids is that they look complicated but are actually easy and only take a bit of practice to master. We've gathered up 7 gorgeous crown braid hairstyles, so check them out below, and try one yourself!
1. Simple crown braid (h/t Twist Me Pretty)
This style is not only gorgeous but extremely simple. No fancy braiding techniques here, all you have to do is make two three-strand braids and tuck them together at the back of your head. Want to add something to this look? Try braiding in a ribbon to give the braid an added touch.
2. High crown braid (h/t Hair Romance)
This high crown braid is very romantic and would be the perfect style for a date night. To get the voluminous look of this braid, make sure to pull on the braid (or pancake it, as it is sometimes called) which will make it look fuller. Then, add some bobby pins to the bottom to help support the weight of the crown braid and you are good to go!
3. Crown braid into a low ponytail (h/t Wonder Forest)
The best thing about this style? It's perfect for shorter hair! Not to mention, this style is super easy and it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect to still look good. The loose pieces of hair add to the look, giving this style some boho vibes.
4. Royal crown braid (h/t Milk + Blush)
This style is perfect for any day that you want all your hair pulled back, like in the hot summer months. The key to this braid is to use the dutch braiding technique, which allows the braid to stand out from your head instead of laying flat like it would if you french braided it.
5. Double twist crown braid (h/t Alex Gaboury)
This style looks similar to the first style on this list but uses a bit of a different technique to achieve the crown braid. To get this soft look, you combine twisting two sections of hair together with the adding extra hair step of french braiding. It is super simple. Just make sure to add in soft waves with a large barrel curling iron or wand to complete the look.
6. Fishtail crown braid (h/t Missy Sue)
I love how unique this crown braid looks. Even though the style is achieved in the same way other crown braids are, it looks so intricate and different when using the fishtail braiding technique. Once you are finished, just make sure to spray with hairspray before you head out the door!
7. Lace dutch crown braid + bun (h/t Annies Forget Me Knots)
In the style, double the braid equals double the impact! It's like you get a regular crown braid and then a mini crown braid just for your bun. How cute! Just make sure to slide in some bobby pins within the crown braid to make sure everything stays in place all day long.
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