7 braided hairstyles that are perfect for when you are working out

Whether you're heading to the gym, putting on a workout video, or running to the field for a pickup game with your friends, keeping your hair in place while you move and sweat, will help you stay focused on doing your best. Braids are a great way to keep your hair tight and out of the way.
Check out these fun braid ideas that look great and function as the perfect workout accessory.
1. Messy bun faux hawk (h/t Abby Smith)
The perfect combination of structured and lazy, the braided portion adds height and keeps your hair in place. The bun takes ten seconds to toss together, so it's out of your face in as little time as possible. Now get moving!
2. Pull through braid (h/t Babble)
This is a personal favorite. I've worn this style multiple times, and it works well because your hair doesn't move at all. It looks great and your hair will look good even after you're done breaking a sweat.
3. Braided top knot (h/t Ma Nouvelle Mode)
If you're the type that really hates sweaty hair on your neck or face, the braided top knot is cute and keeps all of your hair as far away from your skin as possible. If you're feeling a little flirty, pull some whisps down around your face.
4. Fishtail braided ponytail (h/t Ask Sash 88)
Fishtail braids work well in form for a workout because they stay pulled together. Using it in a high ponytail helps pull the hair away from your neck so you can keep a bit cooler during your workout.
5. French-Dutch braid pigtails (h/t Carli Bybel)
Pigtails are a quick option for getting your hair together when you plan on sweating hard. This cute version looks great and functions well. Keep your knuckles close to your head to make the braids as tight as possible.
6. Braided wrap around ponytail (h/t Luxy Hair)
If the ponytail if your go-to style, this version is just as easy but adds a cute braided strand around your ponytail holder to keep everything covered. You can look put together and still rock a killer workout.
7.The Boxer braid (h/t SheFinds)
The boxer braid is a classic workout hairstyle. The braids stay tucked very close to the head for security. This is one braid that you may not want to pancake because it looks better when the braided section is tighter.
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