6 sweater nail designs that will keep you looking comfy and cozy

Winter may be some peoples' favorite season, but for a lot of us it means cold weather, lots of snow, and limited daylight. However, there is one highlight to winter, and that is cozy sweaters. Sweaters don't have to just be in the form of clothes though: you can rock sweaters on your nails too!
Sweater nails are the cutest way to embrace the cold winter months. So check out these 6 cozy sweater nail designs to keep yourself looking cozy all winter long!
1. 3-D baby blue sweater nails (h/t Nail Career Education)
These nails look exactly like a cable knit sweater! Plus, the icy blue color adds to the wintery look of the nails. The key to this look is using a matte polish. Afterall, sweaters aren't shiny.
2. Red and white sweater nails (h/t SimpleNailArtDesigns)
These nails are totally reminiscent of a cozy Christmas sweater! Is Christmas long gone but you still want to rock the look? just swap out the red polish for another wintery color, like light blue.
3. Multi-colored 3-D sweater nails using regular nail polish (h/t Nails by blaggy)
Although this design is similar to the first design on this list, it is different because it doesn't use gel polish. So, if you don't have a UV light at home, or you'd simply rather stick to using regular lacquer polish, check out this tutorial!
4. Ombre 3-D sweater nails (h/t shimmena Austin)
This sweater nail design incorporates the always popular ombre look. I love how it is not only the base of the nail that is ombre, but the raised knit pattern as well. If pink and grey aren't your thing, change up the colours to anything you like.
5. Simple neutral colored sweater nails (h/t More Beauty)
If the 3-D looks are too much work for you, this is the perfect way to rock the sweater nails trend with much less effort. Cutest part? She matched the color of her polish to the color of her favorite sweater!
6. Pink and brown 3-D sweater nails (h/t Flowertush)
The heart sweater design on the middle nail is definitely the cutest part of this look! I love how each sweater design is different. Bonus? You can pick and choose which designs you like best and get rid of the ones you aren't so crazy about.
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