6 stacked braided hairstyles that are so intricate and pretty

A stacked braid is what it sounds like, one braid stacked on top of another. The bottom braid is usually a little more flowy or loose, while the top braid is structured and tight. This creates a fun contrast. But, once you master this skill, you can play around with the types of braids you stack to create different looks.
Check out these ideas for a little inspiration. If you've never tried this before, I recommend the first two options, as they're the easiest of the bunch.
1. Stacked side braid (Twist me Pretty)
This is a bohemian-inspired stacked braid. The loose look of the braids makes it a lot easier to hide mistakes. This particular style works best on medium or long hair since it will be flowing over your shoulder.
2. Stacked ladder braid (h/t Cute Girls Hairstyles)
This easy tutorial shows you how to create a fun 3-D style braid. The look uses the same braid stacked on itself to create a fun style that's low-key, but eye-catching.
3. Fishtail stacked (h/t The Good Hair Day)
The structured look of this pretty fishtail is complemented by the loose waves of the pancaked braid beneath it. I love that this braid looks regal, but is casual enough to wear every day.
4. Winter queen (h/t Lettileipuri)
The ribbon adds a fun pop of color, which looks great with lighter hair (try a bright yellow or pink if you have darker hair). The braid itself seems intricate and impossible. Imagine wearing this style with a flowy gown for a formal event.
5. Elegant fishbone, three strand (h/t Gingersnap Hairstyles)
Here is an example of a stacked braid where the softer braid is the feature. The tight three strand braid exaggerates the fishtail braid. It's nice to see a loose fishtail braid used like this.
6. Triple threat (h/t Hairstyles by Julie)
Turn heads with this stunning stacked braid. The style creates the illusion of an endless braid. This hairstyle works great even with thin hair because the stacking technique adds height and the illusion of thickness.