7 quick makeup tips for those days when you have 5 minutes to get ready

In a perfect world, you'd have unlimited time to create that amazing makeup look. Unfortunately, we live in the real world and often have to prep on the fly. If you don't think you can get ready in five minutes, then these tips will surprise you.
The keys to a quick composed look are simplicity and multitasking. Aim to cover your imperfections, highlight your assets, and do a minimal routine that you can live with whether you're heading off to work or just running errands.
1. Grab a multitasking moisturizer or BB cream
Skip the foundation on busy days and opt for a blurring wash of subtle color. BB cream makes a quick go-to and covers minor imperfections with ease.
2. Groom your brows
Brow gel can be a real time saver because it colors and sets your brows in place. Just be sure to groom them with a spoolie first to ensure an even application.
3. Go for a muted eye shadow look (h/t LustreLux)
Now is not the time for drama. Grab your favorite neutral cream or powder eye shadow, and apply it over the entire lid area. Then, use a deeper shade to emphasize your crease like LustreLux.
4. Grab a credit card to perfect that liner or shadow
Looking to get that perfect uplift to your outer corner? A credit card can help you keep your liner or shadow in place. Simply buff from the outer corner toward the middle of the lid while holding the card at an angle. P.S. You can use it for liner, too!
Fierce League
5. Lashes are a must
Pump up those lashes with a coat of mascara. Move on to another step, then come back for a second coat.
6. Make your cheeks and lips pull double duty
No time to coordinate colors? No problem. Borrow this trick from Karen and swipe a bit of lipstick/lip gloss onto your cheeks and blend with your fingertips. Bonus: If your blush disappears during the day, you can easily touch it up when you reapply your lipstick.
Fierce League
7. Spritz and set with finishing spray
Your favorite mist can double as a finishing spray. Give your face a quick spritz to eliminate any powdery residue and bring that dewy glow to your cheeks.
And that's it! How do you get ready when time is not on your side?

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