Waterfall braids are easier than they look. Check out these 6 easy tutorials

Waterfall braids are the type of hairstyle that looks intimidating but is actually incredibly easy. Just like other types of braids, all they take is some practice, and you can master them in no time.
These braids have a big impact because they look so intricate, but because they're so easy, they're ideal for people who want to look chic without having to create some complicated hairstyle. We've collected six waterfall hairstyles that are super easy to achieve, so check them out below.
1. Single side waterfall braid (h/t Valerie Pac)
This easy-to-do waterfall braid is perfect for those days when you want to keep your hair off your face, like in the middle of a hot summer day. Plus, it can work with a variety of hair textures and lengths, so no matter if your hair is short, long, curly or straight, you can totally achieve this look.
2. Loop waterfall braid (h/t Cute Girls Hairstyles)
This look is a unique twist on the typical waterfall braid. The style involves creating loops in your hair that all join together and "dropping" certain sections of your hair to create the waterfall effect. Pro tip: If you have really fine, smooth hair, make sure to use hair wax when trying this style. It will give you the extra hold you need; otherwise, your hair will not stay put.
3. Five-strand waterfall braid (h/t Braids by Jordan)
This style takes the normal three-strand braid, and kicks it up a notch. The extra strands give the braid more substance and make it look more intricate. Pro tip: Make sure to "pancake" your braid once it's finished to give it that full and volumized look.
4. Double headband waterfall braid
Want a more formal look? This braid is perfect for when you want to look polished and sophisticated — think wedding or work event. Don't forget to add a stylish hair clip to hold the braids in place and to really complete the look.
5. Waterfall braid updo (h/t Hair and Makeup by Steph)
This waterfall braid gives off major boho vibes. The style is perfect for naturally wavy hair, as it will add to the messy look of the style, but if you don't have natural waves, just simply add some waves by using a curling wand before you begin the braid.
6. Waterfall braid ponytail (h/t Easy Hairstyles)
When you think of ponytails, you may think of the word "boring," but this style is a perfect way to jazz up your everyday ponytail. Just make sure to use a clear elastic to tie off the braid so it blends into your hair. Now you've got a cute and unique look with minimal effort.

Once you learn the pull-through technique, you'll have endless options for a breezy summer look.
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