Master the dutch mohawk braid by copying these 6 styles

Having an edgy hairstyle in your skillset is a great tool for days you are just feeling a bit rebellious. These styles are a little harder, but they are still pretty and clean. The faux hawk helps create height and can make your hair look thicker too.
Try one of these fun ideas when you want to keep your hair out of your face and stay in style. If you aren't ready to commit to cutting your hair into a faux hawk, you can get a feel for the style with one of these ideas.
1. Dutch mohawk to a ponytail (h/t Chrissy Rasmussen)
This Dutch fishtail braid adds height and visual texture. There's also a bit of hardness that looks really nice compared to the softness of the ponytail and wispy pieces. It's a great quick option on second-day hair.
2. Dutch mohawk top knot (h/t Missy Sue)
You can the contrast of hard and soft with this version of the Dutch mohawk too. If you prefer to have more hair around your face and shoulders, this version works well. The top knot is a cute way to be a little flirty with your hair.
3. Dutch mohawk long (Sweethearts Hair)
For a rebel-hair-just-don't-care style, try this Dutch mohawk. The hard ridges and pulls of hair go all the way back, ending in a clean ponytail. This is a good option for a lot of movement because the braid stays tight all day.
4. Full Dutch faux hawk (h/t Confessions of a Hairstylist)
Try a softer, but more extended version of the faux hawk, by carrying the braid all the way down the hair. A fun way to flirt up the style is to add a bit of height at the front, then starting the braid about halfway back.
5. Half up Dutch faux hawk (h/t Abby Smith)
When you only have a few minutes, and you want a look that's clean, fun, and out of your face, try the half-up version of the Dutch faux. Adding a second pony under the top braid adds a bit of height and helps the braid lay flat.
6. Dutch mohawk with mini braids (h/t Habit Beauty Salon)
The mohawk look can be sophisticated and sweet too. This charming style combines the faux hawk a few simple mini braids. The result is a multi-patterned style that looks complicated but only takes a few minutes to complete.

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