Check out these 6 gorgeous milkmaid braided hairstyles

Milkmaid braids are a great, easy style that lets you look a little more dressed up without spending a ton of time on your hair. Most of these braids (even the last one, which looks harder than it is) should only take 10 minutes max. You can toss your hair up in one of these cute looks even on your busiest days.
One of the best things about this type of braid is that it works really well on second- or even third-day hair, so you can skip the shower and still look fresh. Check out these fun milkmaid braid ideas:
1. Simple updo (h/t Zoella)
These braids are adorable and surprisingly simple. The idea is to create two 3-strand braids, then pin the braids across the top of your head. Tug the braids to fatten them up, and curl any loose pieces. This is a fun look when you don your favorite summery dress.
2. Milkmaid braids for short hair (h/t Grace Bruce)
If you have shorter hair, you might think you can't achieve this look. Not so! You'll want to put your hair in pigtails before braiding (this keeps all your loose pieces together). You can cut the hair tie out later.
3. French milkmaid braid (h/t Missy Sue)
The French milkmaid braided crown is a little more detailed, as you use a french braid on each side of your part rather than a regular three-strand braid. Adding a bit of height by poofing your hair before braiding helps the style look full.
4. Scarf milkmaid braid (h/t Yo' Homegirl)
If you want to add a pop of color to your milkmaid braid, this is a great twist on the style. It's a good solution for days when you don't want to wash your hair. You won't believe how simple this is!
5. Half up milkmaid (h/t Elanna Pecherle)
You can get some of your hair out of your face and still show off your gorgeous long locks, by doing a half-up version of the milkmaid braid. It's great for unwashed hair, and it's a great way to add a little more height and visual appeal when you don't have a lot of time.
6. Milkmaid braid with a twist (h/t Annie's Forget Me Knots)
This look is unique because you brad a regular braid on one side and a fishtail braid on the other. The finished look is a fresh, textured style that looks different than most milkmaid looks.

When you have long hair, there are endless ways to create some truly stunning hairstyles. Longer hair can also be a bit of a pain to braid unless you have a few styles at the ready.
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