7 super easy boho braids for those days you want to look relaxed

Boho braids are the perfect hairstyle for any occasion because they are so versatile. They can be messy and trendy, for more casual occasions or they can be pretty and romantic, perfect for formal occasions like weddings. Either way, they are perfect if you want a relaxed and easy going look.
Another great thing about boho braids? They are super easy to do since they are all about being relaxed, rather than super polished. You don't have to worry about every hair being in a precise place for these hairstyles to look amazing. We've collected 7 easy boho braid hairstyles that you can try yourself!
1. Two boho braids that attach at the back (h/t Jamison Shaw Hairdressers)
This romantic style makes it look like you are wearing a crown of braids. The slight waves add to the romantic vibe of the look, keeping everything soft and pretty. Bonus? It only takes about 2 minutes to do this boho braid. Just make sure to pull on the braid a bit after it is finished to give it that lose, boho vibe.
2. Single loose boho braid (h/t Lauren McBride)
This cute style only involves one braid and is perfect for days when you don't have a lot of time to spend on your hair. This style is great if you already have wavy or curly hair, but if you have straight hair, simply add in some waves with a curling wand.
3. Two messy boho braids with a headband (h/t HELEN TORSGÅRDEN)
The greatest thing about this style is how incredibly easy it is to do. The key to this style is to make the braids as messy as possible. Feel free to pull out small sections or strands if your braids come out looking too neat. Pro tip: don't forget to add the headband around your forehead for extra boho vibes.
4. Boho braid with a top knot (h/t Kassinka)
This look is so great, because the messier it is, the better it looks. It combines a messy topknot, a messy fishtail braid, and lose, messy waves throughout the rest of the hair. How often can you get away with something this messy looking this good? This style is perfect for days when you want a cute hairstyle, without wanting to spend hours working on your hair.
5. Half up boho braids (h/t Latest-Hairsyles.com)
These boho braids are super pretty, but also super simple. All you have to do is create 4 basic braids, and attach them together at the back of your head. Pro tip: makes sure to use a clear elastic to secure all the braids together, so it blends in with the rest of your hair.
6. Boho side braid (h/t Wonder Forest)
This chunky boho side braid is perfect for that summer festival look. Make sure to leave the braid loose, and pull some pieces of hair out if necessary to make it look more relaxed. If you have super fine hair, consider adding in some dry shampoo before you begin braiding, as it will help the braid to hold better.
7. Mixed size boho braids (h/t Lyss Ryann)
The best thing about boho braids is that they don't have to be perfect to look good. In this case, the differently sized braids are what makes the style so cute. Pro tip: use extensions to give yourself extra volume. With boho hairstyles, the more hair, the better.