7 of the best braided hairstyles for super long hair

When you have long hair, there are endless ways to create some truly stunning hairstyles. Longer hair can also be a bit of a pain to braid unless you have a few styles at the ready. I've gathered a list of some of the best looking braids for long hair. Try a few and see what you think!
Most of these braids are simple enough for most beginners. There are also a few that may take a little extra coordination, but don't let that scare you away from giving a style a try.
1. Princess braid (h/t Sarah Nourse)
Long, thicker hair works to your benefit in this fun stacked braid. The weaving technique, paired with a chunky fishtail makes your hair look thick and full. It's pretty, and it's easy enough to complete in about three minutes (or longer depending on the length of your hair).
2. Goddess braid (h/t Mia and Linda)
I'm pretty much in love with this braided look. You may need a bit of help from hair extensions if you have thin hair. The braid serves as your base in this look, and it also helps shape the style.
3 Triple braid (h/t Hair Romance)
This triple braid is impressive. And it helps if you have long hair since you'll have a bit more to play with while you are working the plait. The best part of this style: it's crazy easy. It's just three equal-sized braids braided together.
4. Twisted fishtail (h/t Confessions of a Hairstylist)
If you love the fishtail try the twisted fishtail to show off your hair just a little bit more. This fun twist on the traditional braid looks cool, and it's not that much harder to do than a regular fishtail. Check out the video tutorial for a genius tip to keep your thick hair secure in a ponytail.
5. Dragon braid (h/t Cute Girls Hairstyles)
The dragon braid is a fun look for any hair length, but if you have long hair, the style is especially eye-catching If you want to add to the drama, pull some of the braided areas even looser to get more prominent pleats going all the way down.
6. Loop braid (h/t Stylish Me)
The loop braid uses a similar technique as the twisted fishtail. You'll really love your long hair with this braid as you can get a fuller look as you work your way all the way down.
7. Interwoven braid (h/t Alejandra's Styles)
This hairstyle only works well on longer hair because you need to have a long enough leftover piece to weave through two simple braids. The effect is a unique, thick braid that looks utterly impossible.

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