7 double dutch braided hairstyles that are way easier than they look

Double dutch braids may seem like a throwback to your childhood, but these braids have become popular again, with celebrities such as Kylie Jenner seen rocking them. Classic double dutch braids are the perfect look for when you want to pull your hair back and keep it out of the way but still look good (think the gym). But they can also be dressed up for a more put-together look.
Many double dutch braid hairstyles exist, and although they may seem complicated to do, they are actually quite simple. Check out the tutorials that follow, and you will be rocking double dutch braids in no time.
1. Classic double dutch braids (h/t MAKEUPMEJORDYN)
When you think of double dutch braids, this classic style is probably what comes to mind. Essentially, double dutch braids are the inverse version of a french braid. Instead of crossing the sections over one another, you cross the sections under one another. To achieve this look, part your hair down the middle and start the braid near your forehead, braiding all the way down to the ends. Repeat this on the other half of your head. Still confused? Check out this helpful video:
2. Double dutch sister braid (h/t Makeupwearables)
In this style, part your hair down the middle and start dutch braiding each side from your forehead, down to the nape of your neck. Stop and gather the remaining hair from both sides and bring it into a ponytail. As an extra step, take a small section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your hair elastic to hide it.
3. Double dutch braids into high buns
Once again, with this style, part your hair down the middle. This time, however, start the dutch braid at the nape of your neck and work upward, toward the top of your head. When you get to the top, stop and collect your hair into two individual buns. Pro tip: To make braiding easier, braid with your head upside down so all your hair falls forward.
4. Double dutch braid upstyle (h/t Confessions of a Hairstylist)
This style involves dividing your hair into multiple sections and making dutch braids. The key part? "Pancaking" your braid so it appears more voluminous. Check out the video for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this look.
5. Double dutch braids into low pigtails (h/t Tashie Tinks)
To achieve this look, part your hair down the middle and create dutch braids on each side of your head. Once you get to the nape of your neck, stop braiding and secure the leftover hair with a ponytail. Doing this to both sides results in dutch braids that flow into low pigtails. Check out the video for more detail on how to get this sytle.
6. Half-up-half-down double dutch braids into buns (h/t Life on Waller)
In this style, instead of braiding all your hair, you only braid the top half, leaving the rest down. First, section off the top half of your hair, just above your ears. Divide this upper section into two and braid each side, starting at your forehead. When you get to the back of your head, twist the remaining hair into two separate buns.
7. Double dutch braid into low buns (h/t Twist Me Pretty)
For this look, part your hair down the middle and create two dutch braids, one on either side of your head. Braid from the top of your forehead to the nape of your neck and stop braiding. With the remaining hair, create two separate messy buns that sit at the nape of your neck.

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