6 accent braids that are just the right touch of stunning

Sometimes a little bit goes a long way. Accent braids are the perfect example of this. While a full braid is stunning, you can achieve an elegant look without spending a ton of time working all of your hair into a braid. The accent braids here were selected because they are simple but beautiful.
If you're new to braiding, this may be a great place to get started. Working on a smaller section of hair is a little less stressful, and the stunning results may just encourage you to try bolder styles!
1. Part line accent (h/t Missy Sue)
This quick Dutch braid is fun because it moves forward toward the front of the head before tucking behind the ear. This look is edgy without being too over the top.
2. Four-strand waterfall braid (h/t Cute Girls Hairstyles)
This accent braid looks a lot more complicated than it is. Stick to one side of the head for a fun asymmetrical style that would look great on a regular school day or at an afternoon wedding.
3. Super easy accent braid (h/t Abby Smith)
I don't say this lightly: this braid is almost impossible to screw up. It's quite simply, dummy proof. And it's adorable! If you can do a basic three-strand braid, you can create this fun accent braid.
4. Fishtail accent braid (h/t Amanda Ensing)
If you want to try your hand at a fishtail braid, but you're feeling a bit nervous, try this style. Using only part of your hair will let you practice the technique, and you get a stunning look that's perfect for any occasion.
5. Four-strand slide up (h/t Princess Hairstyles)
This is a fun hairstyle to play with if you want to try a cool weaving technique. The result looks intricate, but it's surprisingly simple. The trickiest part is keeping track of your base strand. Check out the tutorial for an easy solution.
6. Heart accent braid (h/t Easy Toddler Hairstyles)
The link may be a "toddler" hairstyle, but it's a fun look for any age, especially around Valentine's Day. This quick style is a fun way to show off some mad braiding skills, even if you think you don't have any!

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