No more wasted eyeliner. 6+ tips for dried out eyeliner

You probably have more than one eyeliner, and chances are you also have a few that are past their prime. Cosmetics are expensive, though, so if you're reluctant to toss something out, it's always great if you can find a way to either resurrect it or repurpose it.
Liquid and gel eyeliner products are notorious for drying out. And if you leave the lid off that jar, what you find is often just sad. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your hard-earned money.
1. Use dry liquid liner for brows (h/t @manellart)
If that eyeliner pen no longer makes a perfect cat eye, try using it to fill in your brows like Instagrammer @manellart does. Apply carefully placed strokes in sparse areas, then use a brow brush to move the product into place.
2. Add eye drops to gel liner
Don't you hate when your gel eyeliner pots dry up? Well, if they're not solid as a rock (meaning, they still have a bit of give when pressed with your index finger), add a couple of eye drops (from a fresh bottle) and stir with a toothpick. The gel consistency will return like magic.
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3. Freeze pencil liner before sharpening
Pencil liner needs to be sharp to be precise, but sharpening it often leads to a broken tip and wasted product. To eliminate this problem, just freeze your pencils for 5-10 minutes before sharpening.
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4. Stop liner from migrating with eye shadow or pressed powder
If you use a very soft eyeliner, it may travel upward during the day. Just like setting your foundation, you can set your eyeliner. Simply apply a matching eye shadow on top of your liner to keep it in place all day.
5. Fake metallic liner
Metallic liner can be hard to apply evenly. To get a smooth line every time, line your eyes like normal and then apply metallic shadow on top. You'll get the effect without the difficulty.
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6. Turn your favorite eye shadow into liner
Have a fabulous color that you wish was a liner? No problem! Wet a small lining brush and sweep it along your favorite eye shadow -- instant customized liquid liner.
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7. Use it as a tool instead
When your felt tip eyeliner has given up the ghost, don't throw it away. You loved it because it offered precision, so try this trick and use it with a cream liner as an applicator instead. Just be sure to wash it frequently to keep the tip in good shape.
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