6 stunning everyday makeup looks for those with pale skin

In a world where the current makeup trend lean towards is golden tans, bronzed cheeks and heavy contours, sometimes it can seem a little difficult to find that perfect everyday look to showcase your pale skin. I can definitely relate. As a card-carrying member of the tanless club, I have searched high and low for alternate makeup looks myself.
Here are some of my favorite stunning makeup trends for pale skin. These are fantastic everyday looks that you can rock with ease. By emphasizing either your lips or your eyes with a statement, you can create a gorgeous makeup look without overwhelming your snowy skin.
1. Rock a red lip
Nothing showcases bright retro reds more perfectly than snowy skin. The shades often look too orange or muted against tanned or tawny skin and the show-stopping effect is lost. Don't be afraid to rock a bright red lip, especially with a swipe of black eyeliner for a classic feel.
2. Play with peachy pastels
Another amazing everyday look to try is playing around with pastels, like the use of creamsicle orange and coral tones on both eyes and lips. Pale skin is so flattering under gentle pastel shades, particularly warm tones. Stay away from anything that is too light and pure nudes to get your best look -- note how her nude lip has a hint of orange in the color.
3. Try a bold berry lip
This fall runway favorite is easily translated into an everyday look for those with pale skin. The trick with this vampy berry lip is to either minimize color on the eyes and lashes, or commit to drama with matte browns or bronzes and heavy lashes.
4. Create a pop with a swipe of colorful eyeliner
Eyes can really be brought to life with a swipe of colorful eyeliner and a neutral rosy lip. This look is particularly friendly to pale skin with more pastel tones, such as blues, corals and purples like Sharon shows us.
5. Go for the colorful coral lip
This Spring trend is perfect for our pale skinned ladies! Depending on the eye shadow and liner technique you choose, the coral lip can stand on it's own as a dramatic statement or be balanced out with soft eyeliner and eye shadow in warm tones.
6. Make a statement with a smokey eye
If you have pale skin, you may have backed off the smokey eye trend before with a fear of getting the dreaded raccoon eye look. However, the traditional trend can be tweaked for a more pale skin friendly application. Simply focus the smokey effect around the lash lines and eye corners, and make sure to lighten up your inside corners with shimmer. Finish it up by pumping up your lashes with black mascara.

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