Make sure you're using the right brushes for applying your eyeshadow by checking this out

Most makeup artists will tell you that you can get amazing results with bad makeup as long as you use good brushes. As much as you'd probably rather spend your money on pretty shadows, you really do need good tools.
Makeup brushes are an investment, not just in money but in time. Use a rough overly dense brush to apply your crease color, and you'll be blending until your arm falls off. Make the most of your limited application time by including these key essentials in your arsenal. P.S. If you take care of them, they'll last for years.
1. Fluffy blending brush
While its main purpose is to blend out shadow and get rid of harsh lines, this must-have brush has so many purposes. You can use it to dust setting powder over your eye shadow primer and to apply an all-over wash of color, too.
2. Crease brush
Choose a tapered brush, like the Paula Sheer Crease brush in The Non-Blonde's photo below, to apply your crease colors. It shouldn't be too stiff because you want it to diffuse color effectively without depositing too much shadow.
3. Flat round brush
If you love cream shadow or shimmer, you need a flat brush to densely pack the shadow onto your lid. Rachel's blog post features several types, so choose one with short to medium bristles and use it in a tapping motion to apply color.
4. Push liner brush
These little beauties are perfect for tightlining with gel, pencil, or even shadow. Because the brush head is so small, it wiggles color perfectly into the lash line.
5. Angled brow brush
The angled brush makes quick work of brows and doubles for eye lining. It has short dense bristles to ensure color goes exactly where you want it.
6. Concealer brush
Good concealer brushes work product into the skin without tugging on the fragile under eye area. An Knook's brush of choice in the video below has tapered sides, which makes it easier to get into tiny spaces like the inner corners of the eye.

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