7+ makeup tricks that may seem weird but really work

These makeup hacks may seem weird, but they work. You don't need to take our word for it. We've collected some of the best beauty tips out there from the experts. These tricks are tried and true, so as bizarre as they may be, we're convinced to give them a try.
Keep reading to see how you can eliminate under-eye circles with lipstick (yes, you read that right), and how you can make clumpy mascara smooth again. We think these makeup hacks are going to seriously surprise you.
Use tape when using eyeliner
Use Scotch tape as a stencil when applying eye makeup to get a clean line, especially when putting on liquid eyeliner. Watch the full tutorial here.
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Apply baby powder to your eyelashes
Although applying baby powder to eyelashes may seem bizarre, the effect can be dramatic. Watch the full tutorial here.
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Line your eyes in white
Stop lining the inside of your lash line with black because it makes your eyes appear smaller. Instead, try the technique shown in this video that calls for white eyeliner.
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Use lipstick to conceal dark circles
If you heard that you can use red lipstick to conceal dark under-eye circles, you probably wouldn't believe it, right? Try the trick shown in this video. The secret is using enough concealer on top of the lipstick.
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Dunk for long-lasting makeup
Get your makeup to last all day with this bizarre trick demonstrated in this video tutorial. The cold water sets the makeup so it lasts longer.
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Unclump mascara
If your mascara is starting to clump up, use the hack shown below. Leaving mascara in hot water for 30 minutes should eliminate the clumps.
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Warm up your eyelash curler
Love the effect you get from an eyelash curler, but hate how it doesn't last long? Next time, warm up your eyelash curler before using it. The heat will ensure the curl sticks for longer.
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Hashtag smokey eye
Want a quick hack for a smokey eye? Try drawing a hashtag on your lid first. Watch the full tutorial here.
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