Adorn your head with these 6 stunning halo braided hairstyles

The Halo Braid resembles, you guessed it, an angel's halo. They are traditionally set on or near the crown of the head, though some can sit a bit lower. Surprisingly, this is one style that works well with shorter hair because it's easy to create the illusion that the braid is continuous.
If you want to give this pretty braid a try, check out one of these helpful tutorials to get started.
1. Around the world braid (h/t NewBeauty Magazine)
The so-called "Around the World braid" is aptly named for its appearance to wrap all the way around the head. It's two French braids tucked into each other at the back. You can rock this style with long or short hair.
2. Halo braid with braiding hair (h/t Brittany I PocketsandBowsTV)The key to getting this clean looks is to use plenty of moisturizer for more smoothness. You'll need to two-strand twist your ponytail and pin it up in your hair before working the braiding hair across the top of your head. This stunning look adds volume, and it's a quick style if you prep the braiding hair beforehand.
3. Half-up halo (h/t LoveFings)
After working a simple lace braid partway back and down on both sides of your head, just criss-cross the braids and secure them in place with pins. The half up look is a great option when you need to move quickly or you want a more ethereal appearance. (Cue the angels singing.)
4. Pull-through halo braid (h/t HeyKayli)
The pull through braid is a beautiful option, especially if you're new to braiding since you don't have to do a traditional plait for this look. This hairstyle takes a little bit longer, but the results are worth the extra effort.
5. Dutch halo crown (h/t Milabu)
Similar to the first braid on this list, this braid starts in the back of the head. and goes all the way around. You'll dutch braid all the way across the top of your head and over to your opposite ear. Switch hands and finish braiding. This braid goes all the way around in one section.
6. Half-up Dutch lace (h/t Cute Girls Hairstyles)
A combination of Dutch, lace, and the halo style, this look is elegant and sweet. Wrapping the braids inside each other creates a fun swirl that looks a lot more complicated than it really is!

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