7 pull-through braided hairstyles that you should try

Whether you have short hair or you just don't want to spend the time working intricate braids, having a fun alternative is a great way to keep your hair routine from going stale. This fun look is a safe option for people who are new to braiding too.
If you love the way this pull-through braid looks, check out a few of these ideas:
1. Faux-braid pull through
Creating a braid with a short hairstyle is easy with this simple tutorial. The look is fun and elegant, just be forewarned, your arms are going to burn after a few minutes of clipping and pulling.
2. Upside down braid
This braid has a similar look to the first on our list, but upside down. This wavy braid works well on longer hair. This is a good style for layered hair too because it will all be swept up into the braid and stay in place.
3. Pull through mix (h/t Beauty Driver)
Moving from thin plaits into a fatter pull-through is a pretty way to dress up your work-week hair. Since you're only weaving a small portion of your hair, you can quickly toss this look into your morning routine.
4.Pull-through bun (h/t All Up in Tangles)
I love that this look is effortless. Pull through a few sections and braid the rest into a twisty bun. The style is professional, clean and cute. It's a perfect option for hot summer days when you want to look great, but you need your hair off of your neck and face.
5. Pull-through and wave (h/t Hair by Lauren Knowles)
Try this dressed-up version of the pull-through braid. Work with smaller sections of hair and use a curling iron to add wave to the undone sections of your hair.
6. Double pull through (h/t Stacie Odwell)
Pigtails are always a win. Now your pig-tail braids just got a bit easier. Try separating parting your hair in half and working the pull-through down both sides of your head for a charming look. ​
7. Fancy pull through braid (h/t Liz Colors)
When you have a little more time try this fun braided style. The look is perfect for a bohemian style. Keep your makeup low key and let your pretty hair do the talking!

Some of us have trouble keeping our arms up for long, or working with backward mirror reflections -- the answer to this problem is the reverse braid.
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#2 is incredibly simple.
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These playful styles are quick, simple, and absolutely adorable.
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I've needed #5 my whole life!
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