7 gorgeous waterfall braided hairstyles that you can totally do yourself

Have you ever been in a pinch and needed a quick way to get your hair out of your face with little more than a hair tie or two and a comb? The waterfall braid is a simple way to create a stunning hairstyle quickly and with nothing more than a few minutes and quick fingers.
Check out a few of these beautiful waterfall braids you can create when you want a look that's elegantly relaxed.
1. Waterfall French braid
This quick tutorial shows beginners how to create at this charming hairstyle. Work your way across the back of your head, braiding as you go, to create a beautiful accessory from your own hair.
2. Keep it simple (h/t Erin Balogh)
If you're really running low on time, try this quick and easy version of a waterfall braid. You can add a little extra something to your hair without spending 30 minutes twisting and tucking in front of the mirror.
3. Criss-cross waterfall (h/t Christine Harris Hair)
This braid looks a lot harder than it is. After an initial braid across the back of your head, just weave the waterfall pieces criss-cross into the other braids. Presto.
4. Weaved waterfall (h/t Miss Sams Hair, Nail, Beauty)
For this look, stop braiding halfway down your hair, and pull the braided sections so they fall really loose. This messy style works well for the beach or a picnic at the park.
5. Floral waterfall (h/t Upgrade U By Sophie)
The braid is simple enough (it works crossways, halfway down), but adding flowers to the style takes this look up a notch. If you want a fancier version, braid across your entire head before adding a floral touch.
6. Waterfall and curl (h/t Magma Hair Designs)
This version is a fun look working from both sides of the head. This style features a waterfall braid that leads to lots of curls. It feels like a hairstyle from a romantic, medieval fairy tale.
7. Waterfall headband (h/t Just Braid Hair)
When you need something quick, try this braid. Create a crown by working the waterfall from both sides of the head. The ends of the hair work into a knotted twist to keep everything tidy. It's a smart way to pull the style together.

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