6 super stylish dino braided styles that you should be rocking

The dino braid is a play on the Dutch-French braid. Basically, instead of braiding over (as you would a traditional braid), your braid under. This creates a unique, lifted style that adds height to your hair. This twist looks best pulled tight because you can see all of the ridges and braid techniques better.
If you've been thinking about trying this trendy style, get some ideas from a few of these variations:
1. Mini dino braid
Try the mini dino braid when you are just starting out. It's a bit easier to tackle a smaller section of your hair. The tightness of this braid against the softness of your loose hair looks great too.
2. Full dinosaur braid
Ready for the full experience? Try running a full dino braid down the back of your head. The hairstyle has the benefit of being cute and sturdy, so you can rock this at school and head to soccer practice later with nary a worry about your hair falling.
3. Short dino braids (h/t Peach Industries)
You can still rock the dino braid if you have shorter hair. Opt for two braids down the side of your head, and just tuck the ends in with bobby pins. I like that this looks a little tamer, but you can still appreciate the tautness of the style.
4. Dino braid twist (h/t Niki_ Carpinelli)
Try this twist (literally) on the dino braid when you're looking for something a little fancier. It's casual enough for a workday, but dressy enough to see you through dinner with friends.
5. Combination dino braid (h/t Tory the Stylist)
If you want a hairstyle that will attract attention, try this combination braid. It's a fun play on the asymmetrical trend as well. This style works well if you have shorter hairs you can't get into a bigger braid too.
6. Triple threat (h/t Bleach babes)
This sleek back look feels warrioristic, and it's perfect for hanging out at the beach. The tight style really shows off any highlights in the hair too. It's a fun style that looks powerful and pretty.
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