If you have hooded eyes, here are some do's and don't's you should know about

If you're in the hooded eye camp, I feel your pain. Whether you've had limited lid space since early on or now find yourself battling Father Time, don't give up on eye makeup.
Having a hooded eye just means you need to apply products in a slightly different way than other people. You may need to "relocate" your crease with shadow or apply liner in a new way, but I promise these techniques will make your eyes look more open and less droopy.
1. Prime to hide any imperfections
Primer keeps your shadow in place and looking good longer. You can use a traditional primer or even a cream shadow in a neutral color. Either way, your goal is to make the most of your look.
2. Bring your shadow up higher
You were probably told to start by applying your lid color. Trouble is ... those of us with hooded eyes barely have any visible lid space. Begin your look by applying your transition shade, which is slightly darker than your normal lid shade, just above where your crease should be. This will create the illusion of a shadow.
3. Keep your lids light
Dark metallics are beautiful, but they can make your eyes look even smaller. By adding a pop of brightness in a matte shade on the center of your lid, you'll brighten the entire area.
4. Keep your arches up
Straight brows can look amazing, but they accentuate the smallness of your eye area. Whether you opt for a soft arch or one with more drama, the entire eye area will look larger.
5. Line lightly or tight-line
Eyeliner's purpose is to make your lashes look thicker, so avoid going too thick on the lid itself. To maximize your lid space AND line your eyes, opt for tight-lining instead.
6. Lift your look with a small brow highlight
When you're almost finished, add a touch of highlighter right below the brow with a thin brush. If you emphasize the arch, your eye will look more open.
To see all of these tips and more in action, check out Makeup By Myrna's helpful video.

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